Friday, July 29, 2016

Updated on kopi kia

Kolby surprised me again by picking up a raisin and put in his mouth and he chew it before swallowing it.

Why do I feel surprised with his action?

Remember he was once refer to KKH because of his not good motor skill  and fine motor skill and his slow weight gain.

Within a month, he is able to start independently, knowing how to use a pen to scribble and also picking up a raisin and feed himself.

Maybe his weight gain is still not ideal as I don’t monitor his weight and height gain. Other than this, he is doing very well.

I am glad that I trusted my mother instinct and did not bring him to  unnecessary assessment. I understand that the doctor in polyclinic mean well and they have to follow the procedure, but no doubt, it is also adding extra stress to the parents.
I have colleagues who will see from the health booklet what is the age and things that a child can do and practice them with her child in order not to fail the assessment. Of course it is good to teach them new things but if the parent don’t practice it with the child, maybe in the next checkup, the child will be fail and get another referral to kid specialist.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kolby can walk @13 mth

Kolby started walking on his own a few weeks ago..
He is so happy when he can walk on his own to me..
I am so proud of him.

Monday, July 11, 2016


It was a busy june and july for me. Sending Charis everyday to student care and rush to work during june holidays, taking day off to bring the kids out for some fun and as soon as the holiday ended, my green belt training start. It means that every morning is a mad rush to send gregory and kolby to my mom house and go to changi north for my GB training. Lucky it is only for a week. However in 2 week time, the madness will come back again for another 4 days. Quite like the green belt course, good to be back to study. Feel happy to learn more thing.

Kolby started walking without help. This mean more work for me, maybe I will lose fats more.. haha

When Kolby went for his 12 mth old vaccine, he was measured too small build and motor skills not good. He was referred to kkh kid specialist, but I did not bring him for review. I find that he is doing well, he is able to scribble with a pen right after I showed him how although he still cannot take up a raisin. I will teach him that too.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

8 June 2015, the day Kolby come to my life.
Cannot believe 1 year has past, just in a blink of eye, my kopi boy is 1 year old.
Happy birthday Kolby! Mommy loves you always!
Be happy and healthy! It is my only wish. 

Oh my, I survived 1 year without maid! Seriously I cannot make it without my mother.
家 有 一老,如有 一宝 !

And I am also happy that I have breastfeed my kopi boy for a year and still going on!
The amount I pump in the day is only half of what he is drinking in the day, I am surprised that I can nurse him during the weekend, and at night.
It is quite amazing how our body works when baby is around.
I read from online that there is always milk for them. And it is true!

Another good news is I managed to lose more weight, from L size to M size now, I managed to wear back some of my pre-preggy dresses and tops.
I still have a tummy to slim down before I can wear back my pants. 
I will continue to exercise to make it happen.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Holiday mean FUN!


I started to love school holidays more! For 1 reason! To wake up late! Ok, I don’t get to sleep until 自然醒 but it is still a joy to wake up 1 hour later than the usual timing。。After all ever since have kids, sleep until 自然醒 is a very much luxury for me


Holiday mean FUN!

As a working mommy, I cannot spend whole june holiday with them but I try to take 1 or 2 days leave off work to spend time with them. We have watched Jungle Book together on 27 May after their parent-teacher-meeting. And I hope that I can bring them out once a week to enjoy during this holiday. After having Kolby, we missed out a lot of thing together. Playing with them and bring them to play are 2 different thing. I want to play with them. Have fun with them. That why a helper will be good if someone can help to look after my kopi boy while I bond with my 2 darlings. But now, it is too late to get a helper as kopi boy will sure reject strange faces.


Charis scored well, not high scorer but good enough for my expectation. More worried of her character and behavior. Stubborn like me, raise her voice in class, ignore teacher at times (maybe daydreaming), chatting while teacher is teaching. Tell me what can I do with her… She will raise her voice at home too, but she is a sweetie most of the time. I think she really learn it all from me, and I have to do something to myself, in order to influence her to the good value.


As for Gregory, I am amazed when his teacher praised him for his studies and character. I always thought that he will have a problem with his studies as he still cannot read a sentence from book.
So I went to start him with English enrichment class on weekend and he cannot really blend the word properly. It is very surprising when teacher feedback that he can recognize the words very well. In teacher’s eyes, he is a good leader, honest and cheerful. Well, at home, he is very well behave and sweet too.


Sentosa is a family fun place to go!

And it is convenient for us too!

Sentosa wavehouse, Charis gets to try out surfing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Development of Kolby 11 month old

So fast, Kolby is 11 month old now. 1 month more and he will be 1 year old.

At 11 month old, he is doing well though he is rather small build compared to his peers. Remember he was sick for a week, after since then, he has become extra more sticky to me to the extent that I cannot be out of his sight. He used to be ok when I asked Charis or hubby to look after or play with him while I do housework. Now, NO WAY! He will crawl or move toward me if he hears that I ask Charis or hubby to come over to my side. Oh dear, I was so shocked when he did it. We experienced a few times with Charis, and he really fast hand fast leg crawl to me and hug me like a koala bear. Sometimes I wonder is it because I latch him always. Hubby said Kolby only recognize me as his milk machine, but I think Kolby simply love me too much~~

At 11 month old he can do quite a few things:

  1. Kiss goodbye
  2. Wave goodbye
  3. Say mama, jiejie, baba, nehneh, bird bird
  4. Listen to instruction like sit down and wait, Jiejie see you, baobao, hot hot, you cannot touch
  5. Trying to walk
  6. Coming over from bed or sofa with his legs first. No more from head. Haha

 Slowly I need to train him to eat more solid food and maybe formula milk. He is very interested in our food, sometimes I will give him a bit of bread, mashed potato, oatmeal, plain rice. He still like his sweet mashed pumpkin and sweet potato the most which usually he finish the full bowl. At now, he is still total breastfeed, but I was sick last week, and my supply did not recover since then. Still I believe if I latch him, I will have milk but I don’t pump enough during the day for him. Now he is drinking FBM and it is getting lesser. I am glad that I have diligently pumped during my maternity leaves and I have managed to save a freezer full for him. It is getting lesser packets, but I still hope that I can breastfeed him so long he wants.


Charis and Gregory. My big girl and big boy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Back to my favourite chajangmyeon restaurant for yummy comfort food.
Friend is here for interview so I accompany her for lunch. I wish I have the chance to work at raffles place and I will get to eat my favourite chajangmyeon.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

High fever for 6 days

Kolby is down with flu and high fever since Thursday. Today seems to be worse, running nose non stop and coughing away. Fever is up and down but getting better. He did not sleep well, so do his mommy. Now my head is super heavy and spinning but I need to attend buddy baby full month party. 

Poor Kolby, finally better after 6days

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

10 mth old Kolby

Kolby is 10 month old this month. 2 more month to his 1st birthday. As we may be away for a short trip, lazy mommy really never thought of his 1st year birthday party.

Now he is very active and tries to crawl around on the floor or walk around his playpen. I miss him 1000% when I am at work. He is very sticky to me when I am at home. Perhaps it is due to breastfeeding. He is sticky to me and I am super missing him.

Happy birthday gregory

I am very late for this post. I am so sorry, my darling gregory.  Mommy wish you a happy 6yo birthday. As your wish, I got you the birthday cake you want. Lychee flavour cake tasted very yummy. I love you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy birthday my honey

Yesterday was Charis birthday! 8 years old now, I cannot believe she is so big now.  Yesterday she showed me her height is 135cm at her student care and commented that she was 130cm last year and soon she will be taller than me. How much I missed her baby days when Facebook show me my memories. I love you very much.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

9 month old

Kolby is 9 month old today. He is getting more and more cheeky. Learning to walk around in his playpen and demand attention always, in fact more like fighting with his jiejie and korkor for attention. Love his food sweet, pumpkin, sweet potato, papaya, peach, apple and banana. Seriously for my 3rd child, I am lazy in preparing his food. I do not steam his fruit before making into puree and he actually tried papaya juice from fruit stall. Apple taste sweeter without steaming it and he loves it. Plum is very sour but he still eat it. Peach and papaya and sweet potato are his favourite. No instant cereal for him as he does not like to drink water and suffered bad constipation before, I skip giving him cereal. Only porridge and sip of water as and when and his favourite breastmilk. 9 month of breastfeeding, he still prefer to latch directly rather than bottle feeding. I doubt I can stop breastfeed at 1 yr. So long he likes it, I will continue to latch him until he decides to self wean. Last round of breastfeeding, of course I will want to make it last as long as possible. Especially I enjoy the bonding I have with kolby.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Kolby says mama

Little kopi boy now calls me mama! His first word! He said that 2 weeks ago. His daddy is jealous, now he is trying his best to teach him to call papa. Feel super happy when he calls me mama. Initally I thought I heard wrongly, but he proved to me that he is calling mama. He calls me mama when he wants me to carry him, when he wants to latch. Today, I hear something like mama bao. It could be that I hear wrongly or maybe he is really saying it right. No doubts I feel wonderful when he does so.

Monday, February 15, 2016

猴 sey year! 猴年行大运!!!

Today is day 8 of lunar Chinese New Year, and we have 1 more week of CNY to go. Family and friends gathering over the weekend, the children had lots of fun. This is only time that their mother goes easy with them, TV, Sweets, Chocolate, Drinks, Ice Creams, they can have most of their favorite food and do freely during CNY. It is 1 of the festivals that they look forward to.
This year, we have little Kolby joining us to house visiting. It is quite tiring yet fun. He enjoys crowds and carried by people. No problem to breastfeed him at anywhere, and he sleep well in the carrier. I am glad that I got myself a baby carrier.

This year, my Chinese Zodiac says that I have to be careful with my diet. Avoid chicken, prawn, sotong, oyster sauce, crab, scallops as they are not so good for me. They will trigger some common woman health problem in me so this year, I have to eat clean. So it is just nice for me since I need to lose some fats too.  Beside this, this year is a good year for me. (I declared it myself) Huat ar!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Staycation 22-11-2015

We have our 1st staycation in Nov, right at the start of the school holiday. We purchased Sentosa DAY FUN PASS Play 5 with SISEU Family Day 2015. With 2 kids and 1 baby, we decided to book 1 night hotel stay to maxmize our fun. It is a wonderful family day! We regretted that we only booked for 1 day. Should have got the 3d2n hotel package. No doubt, it is great family bonding day  and a great experience for us to find out how baby will behave if we are to travel. With a nursing cover to latch him anywhere and a good carrier, Kolby sleeps well too.

Sentosa DAY FUN PASS attractions include:
•4D AdventureLand: Desperados in 4D
•4D AdventureLand: Extreme Log Ride
•4D AdventureLand: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
•Bi-Pedal Bicycle (1 Hour)
•Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
•Fort Siloso Combat Skirmish: Indoor Maze
•MegaBounce @ MegaZip Siloso Beach
•Parajump @ MegaZip Imbiah Lookout
•S.E.A. Aquarium
•SeaBreeze Water-Sports @ Wave House Sentosa
•Segway Fun Ride
•Sentosa Merlion
•Skyline Luge Sentosa (1 Luge & 1 Skyride)
•Trick Eye Museum Singapore
•The Flying Trapeze
•Tiger Sky Tower
•Wave House Sentosa: Catch-A-Wave (1 Try)
•Wings of Time (Standard Seat)
•Images of Singapore LIVE*
•Madame Tussauds Singapore*
End up, we only went 3 attraction out of 20 attractions.
Skyline Luge Sentosa (1 Luge & 1 Skyride)
Trick Eye Museum Singapore
S.E.A. Aquarium
Wanted to let the kids to have some fun at Megabounce, but we were too tired to get down to Siloso Beach. We settled our dinner at Din Tai Fung and went back the hotel to rest.


Photo time!